South Africa- Wildlife Adventure - 7 Days


Day 1

Arrival at O R Tambo Airport
Guest reception and transportation to Hotel
Relaxation and [SPA] Optional
Client Briefing during the twilight.

Day 2
Awesomeness Begins

Medical check and thereafter awesome package adventures begins…..

Cost Includes

  • Airport Pick Up & Return
  • Accomodation
  • Tour Guides
  • Breakfasts
  • Free Africa Theme Gifts
  • Security

Cost Excludes

  • Shopping
  • Night Life Expenses
  • Daytime Meals
  • Travelling Costs
  • Visa Processing
  • Trip Extensions
  • Medical Costs
I want to visit South Africa. Where do I find information? What are the requirements for travelling with children?

All minor children travelling through any South African port of entry must have an unabridged birth certificate or an equivalent document. This forms part of South Africa’s fight against human trafficking.

For more information go to:
New requirements for children travelling to or from the Republic of South Africa explains what exemptions exists and what equivalent documents are acceptable
regulations on travelling with children to find out what documents you need.

What goods may I bring into South Africa?

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has information on customs requirements for travellers, including what to do when arriving at a South African port of entry. It also lists prohibited and restricted goods.

The SARS publication Traveller’s guide is a handy reference.

The Traveller’s guide from the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries provides information on agricultural products you are not allowed to bring into the country.

Where can I find out more about cultural festivals in South Africa?

South Africa has numerous cultural festivals throughout the year. Find out more:

Brand South Africa month-by-month guide

A feast of South African festivals

Where can I find out more about South Africa and its people?

South Africa has been called a rainbow nation because of its diverse cultures. Find out more about the people making up the South African nation at:

South Africa’s people

Where can I find out more about South African art and art museums?

South Africa has a rich art history, starting about 4 000 years ago with rock paintings.

The University of the Witwatersrand(link is external) has more information on rock art.
The National Museum has a list of rock art sites(link is external).
The African Rock Art digital archive(link is external) provides images of rock art as well as links to sites and other information.
An overview of the history of South African art provides a condenced history, with links to websites of some prominent artists.

An overview of the history of South African art

Which heritage sites are in South Africa?

Available with tour instructor, also included in packages.

Where can I find visitor information centres?

There are visitor information centres in many towns in South Africa as well as at airports where tourists can get advice and information. Brochures and maps are also available at service stations next to major roads.

Information centres in major cities include:

Cape Town
Nelson Mandela Bay

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South Africa- Wildlife Adventure
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